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Prep the Space for Capture

For the best results, we recommend not scanning spaces over 2,000 sq/ft.
Focus on interiors only.
Open all doors, including closets.

This will help create a smooth and continual scan capture.
Set adequate lighting.

Natural daylight is optimal for scanning, so try to avoid capturing at night.
Tidy up the area.

Presentation is everything.
Remove moving objects like pets and people, and turn off element in motion like television screens and ceiling fans.

Scan the Space

Before you start, make a mental path you plan on taking within the area.
The goal is to remove the on-screen pink mesh in a single sweep through your space.
Once the scan has started, keep floor base-lines within the screen border at all times.
For best results, try standing on one side of the room and pointing the camera towards the adjacent wall.

This will help the camera tech to capture as many polygons as possible.
Avoid focusing on mirrors.
Don't worry about capturing every single spec of pink mesh, but keep an eye on your mini-map to make sure you haven't left any significant holes.
You will know you've captured enough of an area when the mini-map appears complete.
You should be spending only a couple of minutes on each room.
When you have walked through every room, tap the FINISH button to complete the scan.

Take Walkthrough Panos

Before taking the first pano, go through and close the opened closets and entryway doors.
Once in position, hold your phone close to your chest and lock your arms.
Press start to begin aligning with the first pano target, then slowly rotate in place to acquire the remaining targets.
Keep your movement steady and smooth.
Try taking multiple panos for each room.

The more panos you take, the better your walkthrough experience will be.
Make sure to take panos on both sides of doorways for a smooth transition between rooms.
For larger rooms, panos can be roughly nine feet apart.

Smaller rooms can have fewer panos with less distance between them.

Upload Your Tour

When each room has been scanned and panos have been added, you are ready to upload the tour.
Simply tap the UPLOAD button for the process to begin.
Be sure to stay connected to WiFi for the quickest upload speed.
Once the upload is complete, you will receive a notification stating that the tour has been received and is being processed.
Depending on the size of the uploaded tour, processing time can range from a couple to several hours.
When your tour is fully reconstructed, we will notify you and submit the tour link for viewing.